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With the light: raising an autistic child By Keiko Tobe


I found this Magna novel called " With The Light" It is about a family who is raising an autistic child. I read through the first phase and on the last page the little boy finally looked at his mom and said "mommy." I don't know why but it just triggered something in side of me and I can't stop crying....

This book it just made me see. Like I have talked to other moms and seen a lot of other children but to read this book that so bluntly illustrates what my life has been like. It is just so powerful. I want to keep reading but I have to stop crying or my husband may have me committed.
I think that any one who has or knows some one who has and autistic child should read this. It is a manga which is a Japanese novel that uses illustrations like in comic books. But when it was translated to English they put in a helpful reference page in the front, or back of the book from our perspective that explains the flow of the writing and gives a little detail in to the cultural differences that may confuse people not familiar with Japanese life styles and values.
We found the book at the local Long Branch library.

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Comment by Amy Kealiher on September 29, 2009 at 4:20pm
That sounds really great. I like that it's a manga. That's a very different format for this type of book. I'll definitely check it out. Thanks for sharing.

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