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A thank you to Krista Middlebrook of Parent to Parent for this resource contribution.

The Sibling Support Project


The Sibling Support Project is a national effort aimed at supporting the siblings of children with developmental disabilities and health concerns. For years, they have trained organizations throughout the world to host Sibshops (in our area, the ARC of Montgomery County has hosted Sibshops), which are intended to be fun and recreational opportunities for siblings to obtain peer support. In addition to Sibshops, the Sibling Support Project has also developed several yahoo groups and Facebook groups to further connect brothers, sisters and parents with their peers, providing validation, information and advice.


Below, please find information on each of the groups that are available:

  • SibNet--SibNet is a warm and thoughtful community and the Internet’s first and largest group for siblings of people with special needs. Intended for adult siblings, SibNet connects members from around the world. The Sibling Leadership Network now cohosts SibNet. SibNet is available as both a Facebook group and a Yahoogroup.
  • SibTeen--For quite a while, we have wanted to create a place on the Internet just for teenage brothers and sisters. We're happy to announce that SibTeen is now available as a Yahoogroup and a Facebook group. What a great group of kids!
  • SibKids—a Yahoogroup just for young sibs where they can discuss their brothers and sisters—and maybe music, movies, school and their lives. SibKids has volunteer adult sib and parent “camp counselors” who help make SibKids a safe place to hang out.
  • SibParent—a Yahoogroup where parents of kids with special needs can talk about their “other” kids. As many SibParent participants are also parents of kids who attend Sibshops, SibParent is also forum for parents who want to support the Sibshop movement.

To sign up for any of these groups, please visit and click on the “Connect with Other Sibs” tab.

I also wanted to provide a link to a really fabulous Youtube video about sibling issues and Sibshops…it’s about 15 minutes long, but well worth the time.

Krista Middlebrooks

Program Coordinator

Parent to Parent


8905 Fairview Road, Suite 300

Silver Spring, MD 20910


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