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Free Social Stories to Print and Download

Teachers, educators, parents and even those who are dealing with the public in libraries and museums may want to consider creating social stories for children on the autism spectrum with communication disabilities. The following are three useful websites containing free social stories that can be printed and downloaded.

  1. Slater Software – At this website there are many useful tools for children with PDD, autism, Asperger’s syndrome and other communication disorders. There are a number of social stories, behavior plans, games and other free teaching tools that will help caregivers teach coping skills and independent learning.
  2. Watson Institute – This family of schools and services hosts a website with advice and tips for children with autism spectrum disorders and other communication problems. On the site, teachers and caregivers can find many free behavior stories to print and download. Some contain pictures, and others provide spaces for educators to place their own pictures and clipart that may be meaningful to the child.
  3. The Fairfax County Public School system has its own location online where teachers can find free social stories for printing and downloading. The stories are geared toward young children and will help with basic behavior and skills such as going to the bathroom, playground etiquette and beginning social skills.

How to Write a Social Story

To develop a social story from scratch, teachers and parents may want to read the article titled, How to Make a Social Story. This article discusses how to develop a social story from scratch, by first identifying the desired skill or skills to be taught, listing consequences of appropriate and inappropriate behaviors, and personalizing the story with pictures of kids and places that the child knows.

Using pictures and symbols will help the child with ASD and other communication disorders learn important life skills. Teachers and paraprofessionals may be interested in finding some free pictures and symbols to incorporate into their social stories. For more information on free clipart, see the article, Free Pictures and Symbols for Social Stories.

Read more at Suite101: Free Social Stories

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