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Guest Pediatric blogger: Meet Dr. Giambo! :)


I am a pediatric resident at Georgetown University Hospital. I have just started my third and final year of pediatrics training. 

I am excited to being a guest blogger this month! I will be posting blogs on various topics relating to children's health and development. I am looking forward to hearing your questions and comments on each post.

The Infants and Toddlers program is an excellent resource, and I am excited to be participating!

Heather Giambo, MD.

Let's welcome our volunteer guest blogger! Dr. Heather Giambo is a pediatric resident at Georgetown University Hospital. She and Dr. Kirsten Cantor will be contributing blogs on family health and early intervention topics this summer 2011. They are looking forward to your questions!! 
[Views expressed in the blog series are not in whole or in part that of MCITP and offered solely as a family resource]


¡Hola! Me llamo Dra. Heather Giambo. Soy una doctora residente en el Hospital de la Universidad de Georgetown. Acabo de comenzar mi tercer y último año de entrenamiento de pediatría.

¡Estoy feliz de contribuir artículos para la website este mes! Contribuiré blogs en varios asuntos referente a la salud y al desarrollo de niños. Me encantaría oír sus preguntas y comentarios sobre cada tema.

¡El Programa de Infantes y Niños es un recurso excelente, y estoy feliz de participar en la Red de Apoyo Familiar!


Heather Giambo, MD.

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Comment by Amy Kealiher on July 11, 2011 at 12:59pm
Yay! We are thrilled to have you, Dr. Giambo!

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