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I have a hard time accepting that I am here now. This is farther than I thought we would be and also very far behind where I first dreamed I would be. Dayna will be starting first grade a week after next. She will be in a typical class room with a lot of support. It took a lot of fighting to get here.
My friends that I made at infants and toddlers social group are still connected. We still get together for lunch and to celebrate birthdays and holidays. We talk about IEPs and therapy's. Our kids have grown so much. It is hard to believe that they all have the same diagnosis. They are all so different. Some you can barely tell they have autism others we say a prayer for every day and hug there mothers as often as we can.
Dayna is scared about first grade. Tonight she asked "but mommy what if the other kids think I am dumb?" and I wanted to cry. kids are cruel. They can't understand that my daughter talks different because she has a speech delay. They won't understand that her stemming behaviors are as necessary to her as blinking is to them. I know that they will see her as a weird child. I just hope that there is at least one child who can look behoned her disabilities and see the loving caring little girl tha I know.

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Comment by Tamika Childs on February 8, 2014 at 4:13am

Thanks for sharing. I always imagine what life will be like for him at school...and I pray that he is fully prepared. Maybe you could try talking to her about how to explain her differences to her peers. That might help. She will be just fine! Hope first grade is going well for her!

Comment by Family Support Network Admin on August 16, 2013 at 10:37am

Thank you for sharing yoru story! What an inspiration. Best of luck to Dayana in first day and don't be scare for her, all children might face some bumps diring school, as you said: kids could be cruel... however, you will find our how many kids are very receptive of children with especial needs. we, parents, just need to work very closely with the school!

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