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Adaptive Driving Equipment for People with Disabilities

Adaptive Driving Equipment for People with Disabilities

By Guest Blogger Nancy Carey, Writer for, Photographer for the Ms. Wheelchair America Program and Advocate

The open road calls to everyone, regardless of his or her abilities. The ability to drive to work, the grocery store or the doctor’s office, or to go shopping or participate in social events, is “freedom” everyone seeks. But for people with mobility and other types of disabilities, this freedom may require special adaptive equipment. Adaptable equipment can transform a person with disabilities from dependent on others to completely independent.

Purchasing a standard vehicle requires few decisions: model, make, color, options and price. But purchasing a mobility freedom vehicle requires additional decisions relating to the needs of the driver. “One size fits all” is not an option.

Different disabilities require different adaptive equipment. Deciding what sort of vehicle to purchase and what adaptive equipment is needed requires the expertise of both a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist and a Mobility/Sales Consultant.

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