MCITP Family Support Network

A community of families dedicated to early intervention in Montgomery County, MD


The health and safety of our children and families remains our top priority.  The Family Involvement Centers are currently closed due to the COVID-10 health crisis.


At the Family Involvement Center, we believe that lifelong success starts with social-emotional learning! Our mission is to provide a supportive environment that allows us to collaborate with parents & caregivers, building on their strengths and enhancing the development of all children served in our communities.

Family Involvement Center Goals

  • FIC provides a consistent schedule that enables parents to support their children in following a daily routine.
  • The FIC Parent Educators provide consistent prompts for parents to prepare children’s smooth transition from one activity to the other.
  • Through modeling, FIC Parent Educators provide a nurturing environment for parents to create opportunities for children to have positive interactions with peers and adults.
  • FIC Parent Educators create a play-based environment that promotes parents' understanding that playing with their children is essential to the child’s development
  • The FIC will provide an environment for families to engage in verbal and non-verbal communication with their children in a meaningful and intentional way.


Family Involvement Center-Rockville

Family Involvement Center-Upcounty Early Childhood Center at Emory Grove

**The Family Involvement Centers are currently closed, but there are still ways to grow, play and learn at home! Visit these links below for some ideas on ways to engage your children in fun activities!

Ms. Lauren's Circle Time: A Trip to the Farm

Story Time with Ms. Lauren: Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See?

Story Time with Ms. Michelle: Five Little Monkeys Sitting On A Tree

Teaching a Toddler How to Catch a Ball

Building Towers Out of Blocks

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