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Help me find toys that would actually interest my 23-month old boy! Our son is visually impaired, has a slight motor difficulties and some sensrory integration concerns. However, he is very active, gets frustrated easily by challenging toys, and is not able to sit for more than 2 minutes to complete a task. Right now we are still learning how to push a button and match shapes during container play, or stack cups. Are there any products out there that you found your child likes?

We are very successful with heavy, large toys (balls, wagon, household items), and musical instruments. Some books work too. However, I'd like to see him play more and be able to enjoy an activity. many toys are too stimulating and too visually challenging, so we are transitioning to wood toys with basic colors...any suggestions??

Thank you !

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Hi Ekaterina,

I love this website for toys for my preschoolers: It was recommended to us by our eldest daughter's teacher back when she was little and we still love their toys and materials. They sell a lot of wood toys, practical life toys (miniature brooms, kitchen gadgets, rakes), and sensory toys (toys meant to be taken in with all senses). In particular, I love this alphabet book and these construction toys.

If you like shopping in person instead, one little toy store I love is within Franklin's  Store located within the Restaurant.  It's a little whimsical old-fashioned toy store that has tons of wood and eco-friendly toys.  They hardly have anything that's just plastic and noisy. It's on my way to visit relatives so just fyi, its a bit of a drive (in Hyattsville).   


Good luck. Shopping for toys is fun if you're in the right store (ToysRus overwhelms me!). 


cheers, Cristina  :) 

Hi Christina,

Thank you for the suggestions! I will do some shopping soon :))
Hi Ekaterina,

There is a website called and they can send you a wonderful catalog of great toys for kids. Here is the website address:

I hope you can find toys that oeak your son's interest!
Thats such a great website and resource! Thanks for sharing Janice!!
Thanks a lot!! It's very useful !
Hi Ekaterina,

How is the toy search going? I recently stumbled across a very whimsical toy store in Takoma Park, MD. Very cute and they seemed to have a good selection of toys that were not plastic and noisy. It's called "Fair Day's Play" and it's right on Carroll Avenue across from the playground. I didnt find a website for it but here is it's page on yelp:

cheers, Cristina
thanks a bunch!
If you haven't seen this, it might be helpful:
Hi Lisa, that article provides such good insight and advice. The video at the end is great. Thanks for sharing it! I'm going to pass it along on our facebook feed as well. :)


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