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Tell us a little about yourself! Let's get some introductions going... What part of the county do you call home? What are your children's ages? Name one activity you do for yourself (to relax, to enjoy, to learn)?

Hay que introducirnos. ¡Cuéntanos un poco sobre usted y su familia! ¿En qué parte del condado viven? ¿Cuáles son las edades de sus hijos? ¿Díganos de una actividad que hace para usted mismo (para relajarse, disfrutar, aprender)?

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I'll start. :) I am a mom of three (aged 9, 4, 2). My second and youngest received speech therapy. As you may know, I work part-time for MCITP as a family support assistant and website administrator. We call northern Silver Spring home now but both my husband & I are native Washingtonians, and I still miss living in Adams Morgan. I like to take my family hiking--my kids enjoy the great outdoors. My family is always on the go but when I manage to get the kids to bed and have a moment to myself, I love to read fiction novels. My most recent favorite novel has been "The Glass Castle" by Jeannette Walls.

Comenzaré. :) Soy una mamá de tres (de edad 9, 4, 2). Mi segundo y más joven recibieron terapia del habla. Como ya sabrán, trabajo (medio tiempo) para MCITP como un administradora del website y asistente de apoyo familiar. Vivimos en el norte de Silver Spring ahora pero antes de movernos aquí, vivimos en Washington desde la infancia. Todavía me hace falta Adams Morgan. Me gusta llevar a mi familia en caminatas--mis hijos disfrutan la naturaleza. Mi familia está siempre en movimiento, pero cuando los niños están durmiendo y tengo un momento para mí misma, me encanta leer novelas de ficción. Mi novela favorita más reciente ha sido "El Castillo de Cristal", escrita por Jeannette Walls.

Our family currently resides in Montgomery County! I have only one son, named Gabriel and he just turned 2! We got introduced into the program at around 18 months of age when my son failed his MCHAT at his check-up. We've been super ecstatic about the entire experience and are more than words can describe, grateful! With all the advice and support from Infants & Toddlers our son has overcome many challenges and we are continuing to get better! Glad to have a network of support!

Hi Bianca! :) So glad to hear you and Gabriel are having a good experience with services. We hope this website is useful in keeping families alert about available resources. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me--I'm glad to help with any questions. cheers, Cristina Benitez (Family Support Staff)

Hi! I just joined and am new! My family currently lives in Gaithersburg, MD. We only have one 10.5 m daughter, Clarissa. She was born breech and had hip dysplasia and had to wear a harness for two months. She fell behind in her motor skills. Our friend mentioned this organization to us and we joined. It is very helpful. We have Miriam, our physical therapist come to our place every week. She just evaluated our baby and said she is doing great! She is all caught up! We are ecstatic! It’s so hard not to compare your baby to other babies and remind yourself how far she came. Looking forward to meeting other parents that live near by.

We are from Gaithersburg, MD. We have only 1 son who is 21 months old. My son is not social and he speaks fewer words that are the reason our doctor mentioned this program to us. We got introduced this program a few weeks back.


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